Enrollment First Technology: Bringing You Ways to Level Up Your Business

In a post-pandemic era, businesses and consumers alike are relying on digital technology to match them with benefits that can evolve with their needs. Stay abreast of emerging technological solutions to maintain your partnerships with clients and level up the digital resources available to compete in a tight market.

Enrollment First, Inc. offers such cutting-edge and competitive technological solutions for brokers. It’s not just a matter of staying up to date; it also provides convenience, cost-effectiveness, and flexible technological options to allow you to focus on what you do best with your clients.

Technology That Evolves with the Times—and Your Needs

Seamless Enrollment Platform: Our intuitive and user-friendly platform simplifies insurance enrollment and the quoting process. Brokers can rest easy knowing that Enrollment First makes a headache-free and positive experience a priority for clients and employees. Our technology reflects that! We give brokers the ability to quote guaranteed acceptance or immediate decision underwriting products through multiple carriers in a cohesive package for clients to choose from in a single enrollment process with only one payment. Clients avoid entering data repeatedly and paying multiple carriers each month, enabling brokers to work smart, not hard!

Supportive U.S. Based Service Center: We provide a customer support line staffed with expert licensed benefit counselors, who are ready to explain every product on the platform and assist individuals and employees through enrollment. They also assist with updating demographics, client payments, and navigating new features. It’s U.S. based, too, which means no stress in connecting with our support team when you need them!

Administrative Portal with Advanced Reporting: Brokers are given the administrative tools to make data-driven decisions with our portal. Track and report advanced real-time analytics to identify opportunities to grow your business.  Likewise, your employer clients receive an administrative portal to manage employee coverage as well.

CRM Capabilities: Our platform is designed to manage and analyze client enrollment activity and data to drive sales growth and improve client retention.

Bottom line: As the use of technology becomes even more central to the enrollment process and continues to shape how clients choose benefits, stay ahead of the curve. With our enrollment technology, we aim to help your business thrive and shine in a competitive insurance market. Our technology evolves with the times, ensuring your broker needs are met not just when you need it, but also where you need it.

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