9 Reasons to Contract with Enrollment First

For more than 20 years, Enrollment First, Inc. has dedicated itself to eliminating the headache of benefits administration and simplifying enrollment for brokers and employers. Serving a diverse range of communities—such as small businesses, gig workers, associations, employer groups, and the transportation industry—we aim to close the coverage gaps, giving Americans one less thing to worry about so they can focus on what matters most to them. 

 In a competitive market, it’s our technology, ability to adapt to an evolving market, and variety of affordable benefits that make us (and YOU) stand out. Our enrollment platform gives you everything you need to grow your business with confidence, from around-the-clock-access to benefits, a U.S. based in-house Service Center, and advanced real-time reporting capabilities. But that’s not all we have to offer. Here are 9 other reasons to contract with us this year: 

Proprietary Medical Plans

When it comes to medical insurance, knowledge is power. No one knows our ACA Compliant medical plans better than we do—and that’s because they’re exclusive to us! With our knowledge behind them, you and your clients can rest easy knowing there are affordable benefits out there, and there are experts who can help you navigate them.  

Variety of Coverage Options

We understand that your clients have unique needs, which is why we strive to offer a wide variety of coverage options to fit their families and lifestyles. Our coverage packages include health insurance, dental and vision insurance, accident, critical illness, disability, term and whole life insurance, and identity theft protection.

Competitive Rates

Not only do we offer a wealth of benefits, but we also ensure that our products don’t just fit one budget; they are flexible and affordable, giving your clients the ability to shape their coverage to their individual lifestyles and needs. 

National PPO Network

Our plans offer the flexibility of a National PPO Network, empowering your clients to choose where they want to receive care and from which providers. With a greater PPO network to rely on, your clients can expect lower healthcare costs and the freedom to customize their care team no matter where they go. 

Easy & Fast Sales Online Enrollment

Our eConnect technology provides 24/7 access to client benefit information, and your client can complete enrollment online in minutes with products that are guaranteed acceptance or simplified issue with immediate decision underwriting with no additional medical exams required!

Even employer groups can access this ease with a unique administrative portal, giving them the ability to view advanced reports and track healthcare spending. The enrollment platform seamlessly integrates to track daily deductions and contributions. 

Free Agent Site When Appointed

When you contract with Enrollment First, you’ll receive a customized agent site for clients to enroll through, giving you the power to shape the kind of business you want to focus on as the market shifts. You can also use the back office of your broker portal to send quotes to a client, which will walk them through the enrollment process via the same personalized agent site. 

Technology that Transforms Opportunities to Sales

With us, you have access to the technological tools your brokerage needs to excel. Our proprietary enrollment platform also offers CRM capabilities, an admin portal, and advanced reporting, ensuring you have everything you need to level up your business in 2024. Learn more about our technological solutions today! 

Level Commissions

Brokers receive monthly commissions from medical plan enrollments, which are never decreased, penalized, or terminated. We provide you with the reassurance you need that there won’t be any performance stipulations that could affect your commissions; if your clients are enrolled in coverage, you’ll be compensated! 

Broker-Exclusive Webinars, Support, & Resources

When you partner with Enrollment First, you gain exclusive access to marketing materials, monthly webinars, technological solutions, and industry insight that focuses on fostering a stronger connection with your clients, transforming leads into long-term growth opportunities. In addition to this, you’ll have access to Broker Support, giving you the team you need to help meet your enrollment goals in 2024. 

The above content is purely informational and is not comprehensive.

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