A Gift for Every Occasion

For most of us, holiday shopping is tricky business. We might set time and money aside in advance for this time of year, but life inevitably happens. We find ourselves scrambling to the last minute to get everything we need for holiday celebrations. And the hardest part? Finding the perfect presents for our loved ones, especially those who require a little more creativity.

If you’re struggling to find the right gift for your loved one, a life insurance policy makes a thoughtful, lasting, and positive gift to consider. Here’s how it works—and why it’s one of the best ways to express your love this holiday season.

Why Give Life Insurance this Holiday Season?

There are many advantages to gifting a life insurance policy: it can’t be broken, outgrown, or misplaced, and your loved ones will appreciate the safety, peace of mind, and long-term financial protection it offers.

No matter where life takes them in the new year, they can rest assured that life insurance will protect their dreams and the legacies of their loved ones. Some policies can be used to help people meet financial, educational, and philanthropic goals throughout their lifetime. In some cases, life insurance policies can offer generous tax benefits, too!

Key Reasons Why Life Insurance Is the Perfect Gift
to Give—This Season and Beyond

Ensures Peace of Mind—Now & Future.

Life insurance doesn’t simply ensure the future; it assures minds in the present. Giving your loved one a life insurance offers them a sense of comfort and security now, and it reassures them that the future is protected no matter what happens. It will give them not only peace of mind that the future is safe, but also the confidence to live boldly in the present without regrets.

Protects Their Growing Business.

For many people, their business is their life, and running a business is hard work! This is especially true of fledgling businesses just getting their footing or businesses in the process of expanding beyond their limits. It might seem unconventional at first, but buying your loved one a life insurance policy to protect their business is a smart and considerate move. It not only shows you support their efforts and believe in them, but that you also want to see it grow beyond their lifetime into a legacy. A life insurance policy can help them in good and bad times: help them pay off business debt, maintain expenses needed in the event of a natural disaster or emergency, fund partnerships, equalize inheritance, and so much more!

Supports Causes They’re Passionate About.

A major benefit of gifting a life insurance policy is that, depending on the policy type, it can be donated to organizations and causes important to your loved ones. Just as people can be named as beneficiaries, they can name an organization, charity, or estate the beneficiary of their life insurance policy. If they’re passionate about more than one philanthropic cause, they can name more than one beneficiary and determine how much each organization will receive. With a life insurance policy, they can leave a lasting and meaningful philanthropic legacy in their name that is unique to them.

Their Rates Will Never Be Lower Than Now.

Purchasing life insurance as a gift isn’t just a thoughtful idea, it’s a financially-savvy one. Though it will depend on the type of life insurance you invest in, there are many policies you can gift that can ensure coverage throughout your loved one’s life—and without the rates fluctuating over time. For some life insurance policies, such as whole life, premiums can be paid in advance, ensuring no increases down the line, or a policy can be purchased when your loved one is young, locking in a fixed rate that doesn’t increase during their lifetime.

Purchasing a policy isn’t the only way to give life insurance; you can also name your loved one or a cause they love as a beneficiary on an already established policy or transfer your own life insurance policy to them.

Each manner of gifting will have its own series of steps to consider, and the life insurance policy won’t come as a surprise to them, but it’ll be a carefully thought out and creative gift that shows appreciation for their future dreams and goals. Afterall, it’s the thought that counts!

Give the Gift of Life Insurance Today

We’re here to help you navigate life insurance and walk you through the steps so you can give loved ones the protection they need this holiday season. Contact us today to speak with one of our life insurance representatives.

At Enrollment First, our goal is to make life insurance easy to understand and affordable for everyday people and their loved ones. This content is intended for educational purposes only, and it is not intended as legal advice, insurance advice, or an advertisement of services.