Companies to Provide Comprehensive Physical and Mental Health Benefits to Owner Operators

Atlanta, GA, January 12, 2021 – Espyr, a national leader in mental health solutions and health coaching programs, and Enrollment First, Inc. an industry leading health solutions company, have announced an exclusive agreement whereby Espyr’s Fit to Pass® CDL driver health coaching and its TalkNow® mental health support program will be offered as part of Enrollment First Inc.’s health benefits platform for Owner Operators of the Transportation Industry.

Enrollment First Inc.’s platform now provides Owner Operators two important new member benefit programs:

    • Fit to Pass, a personalized health coaching program designed to improve the health of professional drivers and help ensure they pass their DOT re-certification physical exams.
    • TalkNow, a phone-based program that enables drivers to speak with a licensed mental health professional immediately and without the need for an appointment. Drivers can call with personal and work concerns, substance abuse recovery assistance and various work/life programs such as legal services, money coaching, child and elder care and many others.

Owner Operators traditionally rely on individual policies, which are expensive and often require physicals for underwriting and put those who suffer from acute or chronic illnesses at a disadvantage. The Enrollment First Inc. platform allows Owner Operators the ability to enroll in essential medical coverage and supplemental lines that are guaranteed acceptance and provides them the comfort of knowing they are protected while on the road.

“The health of the drivers we serve is at the core of our operations,” added Enrollment First Inc. CEO, Hazen Mirts. “This partnership with Espyr and Fit to Pass brings essential benefits directly to the drivers when they need assistance the most.”

“Professional driving is a demanding job that can take a toll on drivers’ physical and mental health,” added Espyr CEO, Rick Taweel.  “We’re very pleased to include TalkNow and Fit to Pass in Enrollment First Inc.’s platform and provide Owner Operators and their employees with such critical physical and mental health benefits at an affordable price.”

About Enrollment First Inc.

Enrollment First Inc. is a health solutions company based in Knoxville, TN that provides health benefits and enrollment solutions for clients across industries from traditional employers and PEOs to populations that are underserved or do not receive traditional coverage through a workplace: owner operators, independent contractors, and staffing agencies. They began working in the Transportation Industry in 2002 with the option to have a paperless enrollment experience and become the drivers’ resource where they received dedicated support. This became the mission of Enrollment First, Inc. and where they grew operations in other divisions with their innovative solutions and technology to administration with national insurance carriers. For more information on Enrollment First Inc. go to

About Espyr

Espyr has been helping people and organizations achieve and maintain good health – so they can perform at their best – for over 30 years. Espyr’s industry leading Coaching and Assistance Programs are relied on by clients in the most challenging occupations. For more information on Espyr, go to

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